Jason Pollak


Game Design

I'm deeply passionate about creating joyful experiences. Encompassing both the mechanical and the abstract, I find games to be the ultimate form of storytelling and a phenomenal basis for community.


The Showroom

A Murder Mystery Set Inside an IKEA

My writing partner Michaela Skaribas and I created, produced, and directed The Showroom, a cutting-edge immersive murder mystery. 



A Dreamlike journey in a haunted saloon

In partnership with experience design firm Alterea, I wrote, produced, composed, directed, and designed the transcendent Stardust inside LA’s historic Sassafrass Saloon.



Finding Family at the End of the World

I produced the post-apocalyptic immersive thriller Abandoned with Last Call Theatre, encompassing narrative design as well as designing games to immerse audiences deeper into the world.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Three TTRPGs I’ve designed- Camp Arroyo Seco, an expansion for Hunters Entertainment’s Alice is Missing; Ship of Theseus, a short-campaign RPG about following the identity of a group as the members leave, change, perish, or betray each other; and Sins of a Sweet Tooth, an exploration of the darker themes within Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Other things I’ve designed:

• Working with PCB Productions, I developed interactive scavenger hunts and integrated narrative gameplay for the Mr. Floats Experience.

• I designed an upgrade to the Pokemon-themed Wordle clone Squirdlewith a greater focus on strategic planning and competitive knowledge. In Google Sheets. You can make a copy and play here.

• I’ve worked for many years on an in-development board game called Pyramid3, loosely based on Backgammon, with my team at Cogneo.

• I’ve designed a handful of Escape Rooms, including surprising guests 2 hours into my 2023 Halloween party with the information that they had unwittingly been inside of an escape room since they entered my apartment.